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We offer consultancy, finance, negotiations, management and evaluation services to our clients

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Business Consultancy

JMan Group of Companies provides management and evaluation consultancy to organizations and corporations who seek to improve their performance and efficiency. We analyze, evaluate businesses and provide expertise to projects or newly formed ideas, identifying problems and creating solutions to meet goals.



Development of Sustainability Initiatives

JMan Group of Companies provides senior and strategic advisers to help investors and directors of various organizations effectively communicate and deliver their corporate strategies and proposal. We identify weaknesses and develop sustainable initiatives to increase the viability of client’s projects, plans or proposals.


Mobilizations of Projects

J Man Group of Companies assist corporations in setting up a well-defined project plan, gathering the resources needed, fulfilling the required requirements and regulations and solving the various constraints and weakness identified in the plan before proceeding or embarking on projects


Opportunity Identification and Vetting

JMan Group of Companies assists clients who are investors seeking to invest in Sierra Leone. We identify the current market situation; represent you in dealings via our financial and legal team and maneuver through criminal, dishonest and deceitful transactions in a bid to prevent fraud and other illegal gains against you.


Regulatory Navigation

JMan Group of Companies offers guidance and navigation through red tapes and other excessive bureaucracies placed in the business world. Whether you are starting a new business, a new project or seeking to invest in Sierra Leone, we are here to make the entire process a lot easier and a lot smoother.


Government Affairs and Corporate Communications

JMan Group of Companies are experts in lobbying and other governmental affairs. A wide range of non-corporate or nonmarket forces often have a major impact on a company’s performance and we help in addressing or maneuvering such forces.


Investment Facilitation

JMan Group of Companies is a driver and promoter of corporate value. We target investors actively seeking Sierra Leone based investment by creating an investment-friendly climate and connecting them with our clients.


Financing Crisis

JMan Group of Companies offers financial planning, management, evaluation and analysis to companies in financial crisis. We analyze financial profitability, liquidity, solvency and stability for complete company reinvention.


Introduction to Key Interlocutors

J Man Group of Companies aids governmental organizations, corporate bodies and individual to finance their various projects by introducing them to key national and international investors who they can partner with


Management and Negotiations


People and Institution Mapping Identification


Strategic Counsel

We are responsible for tomorrow’s employees, employers, partners and future leaders. So, here at J-Man we take every opportunity seriously, the impact that we can have upon building a community which supports today’s events and challenges the future.


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