We are a collection of various subsidiary corporations that functions under a single entity called Jman Group of Companies

The group owns and operates subsidiary corporations engaged in entirely different businesses but all aimed at providing the most value to its clients and ultimately serving the nation of Sierra Leone.
Our subsidiaries are all engaged in the financial service sector and all share the same core interest. At our core, we pride ourselves on building trust and confidence with clients on a foundation of discipline, performance, and innovation. We engage closely with our clients, move fast to find value, and iterate quickly to shape solutions.
As a group, we provide various services to our clients, whether they are governmental or private institutions, large corporations or investors seeking to invest in Sierra Leone. We are comprised of various industry experts who offer professional advice and hands-on solution to various business and finance issues. We provide insights and guidance on incorporation, corporate guidance, corporate governance and financial risks management.
Through our financial management services, we also finance as well as monitor and evaluate your latest project or newly formed business idea, identifying your strengths, providing solutions to weaknesses, aiding in governmental relations and regulations and calculating the long term viability of your new project.

Our story
Amadu Jah

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

We aim to promote Sierra Leoneans businesses and ideas in every possible way. We finance, manage and evaluate projects and also connect national and international corporations to create unprecedented value and opportunity to our clients.

Our Vision

We aspire to empower every person, organization or corporation in Sierra Leone to achieve more and realize their full potential.

meet the team

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Amadu Jah
Chairman & CEO


Anthony Rollings
Chief Operations Officer

Certificates, Liscenses and Qualifications

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