Micro-Credit Cash Support


LifeLine Charity Foundation Reduces Poverty in its Neighbourhood. 

The Challenge & Problem

The majority of the youths living in the Leicester communities are unemployed. The main activity for survival is stone mongering. Women and children are seen during the day burning and hammering down granite stones. Most of the kids settling in these hillside communities are disenfranchised from having a good education, and most cannot afford transportation fares to commute to good schools situated in the municipality of Freetown. Class segregation is a norm in these communities; the rich live inside their gates as they seclude themselves away from the economic deprivation the poor faced.

The Solution

Lifeline Charity foundation, with the objective to reduce poverty decided to give micro-credit as the form of cash to women and the elderly. The micro-credit fund is disbursed amongst people who wants to start petty trading and whatever they think might bring them income. Over SLL 50,000,000 was distributed to the less privileged that resides in these communities. Also, as a means to help build human capital; pieces of training were conducted for some of these women on financial management and bookkeeping methods

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The Results Were Amazing

The beneficiaries were very excited about the LifeLine philanthropic exercise.

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